Winter Advice. . . Septic Tank Maintenance

Winter can be a busy time of the year, particularly around the Christmas Period. The long dark evenings allow us to spend more time in our homes.
For many homes throughout the country, the Festive Period is a time of entertaining guests, cooking warm meals and welcoming home family from abroad.
The last thing anyone wants to deal with during this busy time, are problems with Septic Tanks, Drains and Sewage Systems.
Blocked Drains, Smelling Pipes, Overflowing Septic Tank, Toilets not Flushing, Blocked Sinks – these are just a few problems which may occur.
Regular maintenance and care of your Septic Tank and Waste System is paramount in preventing all these unwanted problems.

Here at Gannon Environmental Services, we have put together a short list of tips and tricks on how to avoid any unwanted surprises this winter:

Regular Desludging / Emptying – It is recommended that you empty your septic tank once a year, however this will vary depending on your system / capacity. We recommend getting your Sewage Tank emptied and cleaned once it reaches three quarters capacity.

Flushing – Flushing large or non-degradable items down your toilet will cause a blockage in the pipes leading to your septic tank. Items such as cosmetic wipes, cotton pads, cotton buds, sanitary items, razors, nappies etc. should never be disposed of through your toilet. Doing so will stop your toilet from flushing, causing a backup and overflow in your bathroom.

Percolation Area – The percolation area is an important part of your sewage system. Damage to the percolation may cause waste from your sewage system to overflow and flood. Heavy rainfall and adverse winter weather will add to the problem. To protect your percolation area and the drainage pipes:

  • Avoid driving / parking vehicles and building / digging near the area.
  • Keep manholes covered and keep drains around your home clear from falling leaves / debris that may cause blockages and flooding.

Cooking and Cleaning – Warm winter meals, Christmas dinner and cosy candles are essentials during the winter. However don’t let cooking and cleaning damage or block your drains.

  • Never pour grease, fat or candle wax down the sink
  • Avoid pouring harmful chemicals down the sink (paint, pesticides etc)
  • Ensure chunks of food are disposed of before washing tableware / packing the dishwasher
  • Do not over bleach – using too much cleaning products can kill good bacteria and damage the capability of your sewage system.

Unoccupied Homes and Freezing Pipes – If you plan on vacating your home during the winter / Christmas, it is important to “winterise” your home to avoid returning to any unpleasant surprises!

  • Turn off the water / drain the pipes before you leave to avoid flooding
  • Get your Septic Tank pumped if possible before you leave, ensuring everything is in order
  • Never put anti-freeze in your sewage system, as it will harm the bacteria and the performance of your septic system.
  • If you are worried about pipes freezing and causing damage – either turn off the water (if vacating the property) or keep water flowing through the pipes on a daily basis by means of showers, dishwashers, washing machines etc (moving water doesn’t freeze)

If you have any queries or encounter any issues with your Septic Tank, Sewage System or experience Blocked Drains and Pipes throughout the winter and Christmas – our expert team are on hand 24/7 resolve all issues.

Why Call Gannon Environmental?

  • We offer a 24 Hour Emergency Call-Out Service all year round.
  • We specialise in Desludging and Emptying Septic Tanks, Drain Cleaning, Drain Jetting and various other services.
  • We have exceptional equipment and carry extra piping to prevent driving on or damaging gardens, lawns, patios or percolation areas.

If you experience any difficulties this winter call our 24 Hour Help Line  – 090 66 21220

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